Education and Excellence through Sport

The United States Clay Target Academy, (USCTA) is an organization whose mission is to support and promote amateur athletes at the recreational, grassroots level in shotgun safety, training and education as well as provide training and travel support for participating athletes pursuing State, National and Olympic dreams. The USCTA Mission is also to provide a world-class, year-round training facility, coaching, and training for athletes pursuing National and Olympic dreams.  


On this site, you will find information about the United States Clay Target Academy training programs, safety videos, calendars for both American and Olympic-style competitions, media updates, shotgun discipline information, fundraising projects and also Athlete Profiles. Athlete Profiles will allow National and collegiate coaches access to a database of serious athletes who are seeking scholarships and opportunities to continue their shooting careers after high school graduation.

                            Interactive Metronome

The United States Clay Target Academy (USCTA) is pleased to announce the addition of Interactive Metronome® (IM®) to its training regimen.  IM® technology is designed to help athletes achieve peak performance through improved millisecond timing and synchronization of critical neural networks for integrated cognitive and motor function.   IM® improves the resolution and efficiency of the athlete’s internal mental clock and ability to process temporal information in order to facilitate faster cognitive processing and reaction time, on-demand and sustained attentional control, and execution of more effortless, streamlined, and less variable motor sequences.  Read more...


Sept 21 - 23, 2018

ACUI Western Regional/Open PTO

Colorado Springs, CO


Sept 26 - Oct 7, 2018

USAS National Championships

Colorado Springs, CO