2015 Spring Blast Fundraiser


We want to thank you for coming out and supporting our youth program!  We had a wonderful event, filled with good food and some friendly competition.  Sonny Nelson outdid himself, as usual, grilling ribs, chicken and Italian sausage. Scores were tight for both individual and team awards, the Long-Bird Challenge was separated by one target and the count-back rule had to be employed on more than one occasion!


Support from our community makes our program possible and we want to thank you for coming out and making our event a success! We encourage you to continue to be an active supporter and sponsor of this Olympic Development Program.  


Please visit our website at www.myuscta.org to get updates on how our athletes are progressing and doing during competitions and to sign up for our emails and newsletters. Keep watching for invitations to our other fundraising events.


Junior Division

1st Place         Peter Meola (43)

2nd Place        Joshua Vega (42)

3rd Place         Gabe Shandles (41)


Ladies Division

1st Place         Hannah Christian (31)

2nd Place        Ellie Finehout (19)

3rd Place         Linda Calhoun (15)


Senior Division

1st Place         Jimmy England (45)

2nd Place        Bill Spradlin (44) - count back rule

3rd Place         Terry England (44)


High over All

1st Place         Bob Spriggs (46)

2nd Place        Jimmy England (45) - count back rule

3rd Place         Jeff Kellogg (45)


Team Winners

1st Place      Team Skyway Pullers (199)

Dave Muzzey

Tom Hail

Will Beamer

Jim DeBolt

Carl Leer              


2nd Place    Team England Brothers Construction (196)

Jimmy England

Terry England

John Springer

Craig Price

Chris Wrona


3rd Place     Team Echelon Wade/LeClair (187)

Jerry Wade

Norman LeClair

Storm LeClair

Colton LeClair

Cody LeClair                  


Long Bird Competition

1st Place - Bob Spriggs (9)

2nd Place - David Burke (8) - count back rule

3rd Place - Peter Meola (8)


AR-15 Winner

Raffle Ticket #00830