High-Performance Academy Team Level II




 Athletes will train and compete in multiple disciplines on state, regional, and national levels and in international competitions. Selections are made through athlete assessments based on proficiency and dedication at the HP-1 level and want to transition to more intensive training.


HP-2 athletes train two days per week, Saturdays from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM and Thursday nights from 5:00 PM until 7:30 PM. HP-2 athletes also have a personalized training program for home training on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


HP-2 is a year-round program to prepare athletes for state and national championships.



  • Six Trap Athletes
  • Six Skeet Athletes

Additional Fees

  • Targets and Ammunition
  • Coach Travel
  • Competition Coaching Fee
  • Training Camps
  • Private Training


  • ISSF Certified International Coach training two days per week
    • Two and a half hours of coach-supervised training on Thursday.
    • Six hours of coach supervised training on Saturday
  • Form training
  • Combination Training to determine discipline
  • Sport-specific training
  • Two and a half hours of athlete-driven training Tue, Wed & Fri
    • Form evaluation by ISSF Coach, via video
    • Sport-specific training
  • One hour of Cardio and Strength Training per day
  • Vision Training - USCTA Program
    • Athlete Driven Program
  • Sport Mental Training
  • Interactive Metronome© Training*
  • Personal Multi-Sport or Discipline Specific Training Plan
    • Athlete Training Journal
    • Gun Fitting Monthly*

Education Requirements for Junior Athletes

Match Travel**

  • USAS Florida State Junior Olympics**
  • SCTP Florida State Championships**
  • SCTP National International Championships**
  • USA Shooting National Junior Olympic Championships**
  • USA Shooting Fall US Team Trials Selection Match
  • USA Shooting Spring US Team Trials Selection Match
  • USA Shooting National Team Trials Championships
  • Keystone Grand Prix Championships
  • European Grand Prix Circuit

Team Equipment Required*

  • Olympic Level Shotgun
  • Home Training Video Device
  • Home Training Equipment
  • ShotKam + Mobile App
  • Whoop type physical fitness tracking device
  • Travel Uniform(s)
  • Training Uniform(s)
  • Team Vest(s)
  • Travel/Range Backpack
  • Team Equipment Bag
  • Pilla Shooting Glasses
  • Airline Compliant Gun Case
  • Team Travel Luggage


*Additional charge outside program fees

**Required competitions subject to Minimum Travel Qualification Scores



For further information about our Programs request information via the Contact Us page or contact:


Bonnie Chamberlain

Head Coach