High-Performance Shooting Team Level IV




The HP-4 Team is for all adult and junior athletes who desire the highest level of training and competition and have committed to becoming full-time athletes in pursuit of these goals. The HP-4 program is designed to build upon the goals of the Academy by providing athletes a sufficiently high level of coaching and advanced training so that they will be able to (a) obtain collegiate shooting scholarships; (b) seek to represent the United States of America in national and international competition.


Our ISSF Certified Coaches have designed a science-based training program that has been proven to accelerate an athlete’s proficiency in competitive shotgun sports, thus preparing them for the national stage in a much shorter amount of time than traditional training methods. Each athlete will be given detailed, personal preparation and competition period training plans which will include physical, mental, and visual exercises, Interactive Metronome® (IM®) training along with DryFire and live-fire shotgun exercises.


HP-4 athletes are required to follow a strict nutritional and physical training program, including adhering to USADA and WADA guidelines. Also, HP-4 athletes are required to maintain a detailed daily training journal to include sport, mental and physical training as well as tracking sleep and nutrition.


Athletes will train and compete in multiple disciplines on state, regional, and national levels and in international competitions. Selections for HP-4 team positions are made through athlete assessments based on proficiency and dedication at the HP-1HP-2, and HP-3 levels. Individuals outside the USCTA programs are welcome, following evaluation.


HP-4 athletes train with their coach(es) five days per week, Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 PM until 7:00 PM, and Saturday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. School-aged athletes attend an abbreviated school day or virtual school. The HP-4 training program can be modified for distance training athletes.


HP-4 is a year-round program designed to prepare athletes for state and national Junior Olympic Championships, Scholastic Clay Target Program International Championships, USAS National Championships, Fall and Spring US Team Selection Tryouts, and International Competitions.



Additional Fees

  • Travel to live fire training
  • Coach Travel and Fees


  • ISSF Certified International Coach training five days a week
    • Four hours of coach supervised training per day Tue-Sat
      • Form training by ISSF Coach
      • Combination Training to determine discipline
      • Sport-specific Trap, Double-Trap, and Skeet training
    • Two hours of USOTC prescribed Cardio and Strength Training per day
      • Strength and Conditioning Evaluation Required*
      • Athlete-driven 
      • Monitored program by Certified Athletic Trainer*
      • Army Standard Conditioning Program
  • Vision Training - USCTA Program
    • Coach Supervised and Athlete Driven Programs
  • Sports Mental Training - Athlete driven, Coach supervised
  • Interactive Metronome© Training*
  • Nutrition Evaluation by Certified Sport Dietitian*
  • Advanced Technical Sport Instruction
    • Collegiate Level Kinesiology/Biomechanics Class*
  • Personal Multi-Sport or Discipline Specific Training Plan
    • Athlete Training Journal

Education Requirements

Match Travel**

  • USA Shooting Florida State Junior Olympics**
  • SCTP National International Championships**
  • National Junior Olympic Championships**
  • USA Shooting Fall US Team Selection Match**
  • USA Shooting Spring US Team Selection Match**
  • USA Shooting National Championships**
  • Keystone Grand Prix Championships
  • European Grand Prix Circuit

Team Equipment Required*

  • Olympic Level Shotgun
  • Home and Range Training Video Device
  • Home Training Equipment
  • ShotKam + Mobile App
  • Whoop 2.0 + Team App
  • Travel Uniform(s)
  • Training Uniform(s)
  • Team Vest(s)
  • Travel/Range Backpack
  • Team Equipment Bag
  • Pilla Shooting Glasses
  • Airline Approved Gun Case
  • Team Travel Luggage


*Additional charge outside program fees

**Required competitions subject to Minimum Travel Qualification Scores


For further information about our Programs request information via the Contact Us page or contact:


Bonnie Chamberlain

Head Coach